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Welcome to Green Oaks Country Club, Pittsburgh's Hidden Gem.  Both new and current members may have questions about how Green Oaks Country Club works. Below are some of the most popularly asked questions at the Club. If the answer you are looking for is not listed below, please call us, we will be happy to answer your questions at 412-793-2000.


Frequently Asked Questions


As a Member, how do I refer a new Member to Green Oaks?

  • Our Members are our greatest source for new member referrals! If you have someone you know who would like information on Membership at Green Oaks please have them contact Joe Papalia, General Manager, in the clubhouse at 412-793-2000 x12. Our Green Oaks staff will get the correct information to your referral so that he or she may have all the information needed to review for potential membership.


Do I need to make dining Reservations?

  • Yes, for all meals and special events! The staff at Green Oaks can serve their members and guests much more efficiently if they are prepared for you! Please call with reservations when coming out to dine with us! Contact Becky at 412-793-2000 x13 with your last name, member number, accurate number of guests and anything else we may need to know (i.e food allergies, seating with other members, highchairs, splitting bills, guest menus, etc)


As a Member of Green Oaks, do I have to tip the staff?

  • Green Oaks gives the option to its Members. If you feel the service you received exceeded your expectations, it is a very courteous way of showing appreciation to the staff but tips are not required. Our service staff makes between $8 and $12 per hour based upon experience.


What is the Service Charge?

  • Every member pays an 18% service charge each time they dine. The server receives 7% and the balace of 11% Service charge offsets the servers pay on a biweekly basis in their paychecks. We occasionally also use this fund to provide incentives to servers and bartenders based on their productivity level.


When do I get billed for my Annual Charges?

  • In January applicable members will be billed the annual Handicap fee of $30.
  • In February all applicable members will be billed the annual locker fee of $100.
  • In March all applicable members who have a spouse and dependent children will be billed for those charges. $100 for Social or $250 for golf.
  • In April all applicable members will be billed for Hole-in-One if they so choose.
  • In April all applicable members will be billed the Driving Range/ Bag Storage Fee of $200.


When do I get billed for my monthly usage?

  • Monthly statements will be sent out as close to the 1st of each month as possible. You will have until the 15th of each month to pay your bill in full. If there is a remaining balance on your bill after 30 days a finance charge and late fees will incur.


As a Golf Member, why am I required to have a locker?

  • Green Oaks is a full service country club complete with shoe detail and shower facilities. The use of the locker room facilities and amenities will greatly help keep the integrity of the club intact and remind all members and guests that there is NO changing of clothes and shoes in the parking lot.
  • In keeping with the country club atmosphere of Green Oaks Country Club, Members and their guests are always required to wear appropriate clothing in good taste.  Members are responsible for the attire and conduct of their guests.  A dress code for golfers is essential to preserve the tradition and integrity of the game. In order to maintain a dignified atmosphere, we ask all members to conform to the following dress code. The dress code will also apply to the practice range and practice putting and chipping areas, as well as the golf course.
  • Social Members have the option to choose a locker, they are not required.


As a Member, am I allowed to hold a cellular phone on the grounds?

  • Yes, with the capabilities that cell phones have these days we understand that many of you continually conquer the world from your cell phones.
  • We just ask that you DO NOT use cell phones while in the Dining Room.
  • If you must take a call please step outside of the clubhouse or into the hallway to make or take a call.
  • If you need to take your phone onto the golf course, please make sure it is on vibrate so it does not distract other members on the golf course.


Why does Green Oaks have a Food and Beverage Minimum Schedule?

  • To make it most convenient for our members to fulfill their minimum obligations, scheduling minimums during peak season months will help our members use their minimum when they are at the club most often.
  • Our seasonal service staff consists mostly of college students so using your minimums during the golf season is optimal for the club staff as well. This way we have the most help on hand to serve you and your guest to the best of our ability.
  • Golf Members who have a $1200 yearly minimum:
    • April - $100
    • May – September- $200 each month
    • October - $100
  • Social Members, Under 40 and Dining Members who have a $600 yearly minimum:
    • April - $50
    • May – September- $100 each month
    • October - $50


Do tax and service charges count towards my Monthly Minimum?

  • No only the COST of the food or beverages ordered counts towards each member’s monthly minimum.
  • Any food or beverages made at the Snack Shack, Grille Room Bar, Dining Room or any of the Club holiday events count toward your minimum. 


As a Golf Member, how can I play at other clubs?

  • Green Oaks has partnered with the wonderful Pittsburgh Society for additional benefits to your Green Oaks Membership!
  • For an upgrade fee of $28 per month the Pittsburgh Society will give you playing and dining privileges at 6 local clubs and other clubs all across the country!
  • For more information on the Pittsburgh Society and how you can become a member please contact Colleen VanDruff, General Manager at 412-793-2000.


If I have a question about my Monthly Member Statement what should I do?

  • Please call the ofrfice at 412-793-2000 x13 with questions regarding Billing, Minimums and Reservations. We will be happy to help! 
  • Why do I keep a USGA Handicap Index?
  • Handicap Index is optional to members, but is encouraged because it is required for Club golf events.
  • All applicable Golf Members need to keep an accurate handicap index by turning in each score played during the golf season (April 1- October 31) to the Pro Shop. This keeps our golf events most organized for ABCD events, Match Play events, Cup Matches and so forth. Also to play in TSPGA and WPGA events verification of accurate handicap is needed.
  • Handicap updates occur on the 1st and 15th of each month of the golf season.


How do I prepare the staff if I bring a Guest to Green Oaks?

  • Alerting the golf shop, locker room manager, and dining room manager is the best way to prepare yourself and the Club to host your guest. This way we are always prepared for when Members bring guests out! The golf shop will arrange a tee time, the locker room manager will set up guests with lockers and the dining service will be prepared to serve you while at Green Oaks!


What can I do as a Member to make my golf course better?

  • As you would on any golf course you play, please continue to fix ball marks on the putting surface, even if it was not made by your ball! Our grounds crew will spend an extra 15 minutes on each green fixing ball marks every morning. This time adds up over the course of the year and hinders their ability to fix other issues on the course
  • Please be aware of the flag when removing and replacing it from the cup. Turf damage can occur around the hole and could lead to a bad playing experience for other members.
  • Another source of turf damage around the hole is by digging the ball out with a putter. Please, at all costs, refrain from removing the ball from the cup with your clubs!
  • Please replace all divots to the best of your ability. If the divot is in pieces please fill it with the sand attached to each golf cart. If sand bottle is empty there are replacement bottles located by #8 BLUE Tee and the Snack Shack.
  • Continue to watch out for cart signs, especially when the grounds are wet.


As a Member, I like to walk the golf course; do I have to pay trail fees?

  • Yes, walkers are charged a trail fee of $15 for 18 holes and $9 for 9 holes.
  • When there is inclement weather and no carts are permitted onto the golf course, Members and their guests may walk for free.
  • The option to take a caddie for a round is limited but available. Arrangements must be made with the Pro Shop in advance to ensure a caddie be present for your time. Caddie charges depend on the experience and ability of the caddie. For more information on Caddies please call the Pro Shop at 412-793-2200.



What is the usual pace of play at Green Oaks? How can I do my part?

  • The Head Professional and golf staff will schedule tee times and monitor the course to ensure pace of play is at 4 hours.
  • Please keep pace with the group in front of you.
  • Be aware of faster groups and invite them to play through if you feel rushed.
  • Be aware of the location of the groups in front of you as there are blind tee shots on the golf course. Take a minute to make sure that you are free to play without hitting into another group
  • Though there is no “Course Marshall” staff members will continually monitor the pace if need be. To keep pace, play up with the group ahead of you and be prepared to hit your shots when your turn comes. Playing ready golf will maximize our rounds each month and lead to better overall enjoyment by all of our members.
  • When ordering food for the turn, please use the phone located by the WHITE tees on #7, or your cellular phone so that your order will be ready by the time you hit the tee on #8.

Do I need to make a tee time?

  • Yes, tee times can be made at the Pro Shop one week in advance. You may stop in and make a tee time or call them at 412-793-2200.
  • For weekend tee times please fill out your “Foursome Card” by Wednesday at 5:00PM. Please call the Pro Shop Thursday mornings to determine your foursome’s tee time at 412-793-2200
  • Always notify Pro Shop Staff if you are sponsoring a guest

How can I participate in Member-only Golf Events?

  • Valid USGA Handicap Index required
  • The schedule for golf events will be sent to all members at the beginning of the season. Please mark off dates of the events you would like to attend.
  • There will be signs and flyers located throughout the clubhouse, locker rooms and pro shop with the information for each respective event.
  • The Golf Shop will send out email blasts periodically during the month detailing the vital information of Golf Events
  • To sign up for golfing events please see the Pro Shop staff, or call 412-793-2200


Where are refreshments located on the Golf Course?

  • Water is located around the course
  • Behind the Pro-Shop and #1 tee
  • In the shelters located by #16 tee and behind #4 tee
  • Outside of the Snack Shack behind #8 tee
  • Driving Range by the Storage Shed
  • For other refreshments, please visit the Snack Shack located behind #7 green


If I want to host an event or business meeting who do I talk to?

  • In order for the staff at Green Oaks to prepare for your event or meeting please make arrangements in advance with Joe Papalia, at 412-793-2000 x12.
  • If your event includes golf, please make sure tee times are secured with the Pro Shop staff and the General Manager.
  • Members are allowed to host mini-outings as long as the tee sheet will allow it. Please make arrangements with Joe Papalia, General Manager at 412-793-2000 x12.
  • Please schedule well in advance of the date you would like to set for your event