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  Green Oaks Country Club Tennis




Joe Camillo, USPTA

Head Tennis Professional

412.793.2000 ext 20







Tennis Etiquette


Appropriate tennis attire is required.  Beach clothing, cutoffs, sports bras, bathing suits

or men’s tank tops are not permitted. Only tennis shoes are permitted on the courts.


Court conduct is very important to the enjoyment of the game. 

Please observe the following guidelines:


-Avoid retrieving balls which land in other courts while play is in session.

-Do not walk across or behind another match to access a court.

-If a court does not have its own access, wait until the point is completed.

-Refrain from excessive, loud or abusive conversation.

-Food and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on-court.

-No outside food and beverages are permitted on club property.

-Do not play past your time if others are waiting for a court.

-Do not attempt to take the court if play is in progress.

-Do not arrive early and gather next to your court while play is in progress.